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Flamingo A-Go-Go Lily ~ A 6" Anthurium plant with a Ceramic Pot

Flamingo A-Go-Go Lily ~ A 6" Anthurium plant with a Ceramic Pot

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Send a little piece of paradise with our Flamingo A-Go-Go! Our 6" Anthurium plant is also known as Flamingo Lily or Painter's Palette, is the perfect flowering tropical plant for that bright, indirect sunlit spot! The plant is in a 6" plastic vessel that you can pop out for easy dranage when it is watering time, it also loves a little mist every once in a while if you are in a drier environment.
**Please note that these plants are considered toxic to pets if consumed, please keep behind closed doors or out of reach. 

Shipping & Returns

Where do you deliver/ship and how much does that cost?

Local flower deliveries in Parksville $15 
Qualicum Beach & Nanoose Bay $20  
North Qualicum/Dashwood/Bowser $25  
Lantzville $25 
Nanaimo $30 
South Nanaimo (South of Northfield Rd.) $35 
Port Alberni $45 

For more information see our FAQ

Care Instructions

Take it off Baby!

When you receive your gorgeous flower bouquet, remove the outer paper wrapping as well as the wet wrap around the stems, which is all compostable and biodegradable.


Fresh Cuts

Start your bouquet off on the right foot with a quick trim! Find a pair of scissors, kitchen shears or even a sharp kitchen knife and trim at least 1/2" off each stem. Pro Tip: aim for a 45° angle. This provides more surface area for the flowers to drink from and prevents the stems from sitting flush to the bottom of the vase (where bacteria can build up). Daily stem trims (or as often as you can remember) will also help to ensure your stems can get a fresh drink as they age!


Water is Life

Your flowers are going to appreciate a drink and to settle into their new home. Fill a vase with cool tap water and pop the bouquet in (after you’ve trimmed the stems of course)!


Pro Tip: change the water daily (or as often as you can possibly remember!) This helps reduce the growth of bacteria in the vase water which will help you to get more bloom life from your bouquet.


To view more information visit our Bouquet Care page.

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